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Ozone-Value Holdings (OzVa) provides investment, support and oppertunites for small organisations to move upwards and even forwards.

With services anywhere from blimp design to document preparation, we're sure we can provide what you need to sucsseed.

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Opperating for over 2 decades. OzVa was created when several groups merged due to prophetic contract. The two most influencial of these was the Goodnight Group and MDV Holdings. The directors of both, Raymond Ozone (Goodnight) and Maxwell Value (MDV) became the namesake of the, then new, Ozone-Value Holdings.

Internally, OzVa's document preparation branch opperated independantly under R. Ozone, before splitting off into the child-company Goodnight Publishing.

After aquiring a small antenna manufacturing comapny X-Tan Conductors, X-Tan began performing live on-air demonstarations. Later begining to transmit around the clock. They are now known as XMDV Radio, specalising in audio streaming rather than transmition, with a specialized in-house production comapny XMDV Productions.